Youth Policy


The world is constantly changing and what was true yesterday is not as relevant today. One of these areas where it is most clearly noticeable that this is the case is for the more than a million young people we have in our country. However, it is quite a pity that many adults and leading politicians do not notice what is happening. It could be a lot better if we just learned to communicate better with each other. But, this is how it has been since time immemorial between younger and older generations.

One thing that many young people see as quite obvious, but which in the parent generation does not really correspond to the worldview they have, is that the young people do not have the same demands on, for example, work and education . This does not mean that they do not have requirements, just that there are different requirements. Many people dream of being able to have a job that they love and almost see as an interest or a hobby and if you can get paid for it, it is obviously a dream job. Then the job does not have to be a permanent job that previous generations put high on their list of dream jobs.

Many young people today dream of being able to work with fashion, media or design, with blogging and travel or as programmers and photographers. There are young people who do everything to get paid as a professional football player or hockey player or why not singers or musicians. Some may want to work at a café as a barista for a while, some with events and marketing or perhaps with home decor. Some want to become personal trainers or work with health.

What do these professions and young people have in common, apart from the fact that it is something that older generations do not see as secure future professions?

This is exactly what is part of the common denominator for all these (and many other) jobs and dreams that young people have. Not to be stuck anywhere, not to have to stand with a one-sided and monotonous job that may cause occupational injuries. If you disregard traditional gender roles for athletes, fashion enthusiasts, etc. (and also disregard background, sexual orientation or even anything else), you see a clear tendency that says that the forms we have today for entrepreneurship do not fit young people at all.

A lot of young people today can work from home with a laptop on the couch, but that you live in an interesting place. No flashy offices are required. You can see them sitting on a sunny outdoor terrace in a medium-sized Swedish city and with a latte in front of them. There are those who, through agents, become hockey professionals in North America or apply for the modeling industry in Europe even before they have reached the age of 20. Designers and programmers have already started their first company at the age of 16. They have all earned more than their parents when they were the same age. It indicates a driving force, a passion and a commitment that has been built up and received support from some quarters.

What we would like to see is that we have a completely new form of self-employment role (easier than a sole proprietorship) that does not kill the interest and passion for what one is interested in by requiring a lot of paperwork and other bureaucracy. It should be simple and be able to be a good and smart way into working life for young people. It should also be a way to be able to get paid for a job that is performed and that can be sold to other parties without a lot of money that disappears into government empty holes instead of to one's own business so that it can be further developed and grow.

There are, of course, the young people who continue to want to become engineers, doctors, construction workers, bakers and hairdressers, and this new form of company should be able to help them as well. This would mean, for example, that you do not have to work for a single large or medium-sized company or organization, but that you can work more on a freelance-like basis, but with a better and more secure system to get paid for your services and products.

Young people also see and perceive education in a completely different way than previous generations. The school itself is not the only place where you learn things. Teachers are not always the ones who know best in different areas and grades are not always what determines one's future or further studies. Therefore, we must mentally blow up the school and its education system and build a new one that suits young people better.

We write this because it is important that we all begin to see the possibility with young people's flexibility of not having to work 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week at one and the same company. That we give them the opportunity to try their wings and their ideas, which in many cases can become large and successful concepts for the whole country. We should be able to see it as a completely new business concept where the individual is given the opportunity to develop both himself and our country!

This is Sweden's future! This is what gives us a richer country with a quality of life and with happier citizens. We cannot force young people to work on our own terms, but we must be open to the world constantly changing.