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Meet The Leader Of The Future - Valdi Ivancic

Visionary, Serial entrepreneur, Keynote speaker, multi patent holding innovator and Prime Minister Candidate. A person with ability to inspire other people and who works for a better world to improve people's lives. Founder, co-founder, president to several start-ups, educational organizations, research groups, university courses and other non-profit organizations. Natural leader who makes co-workers grow with responsibility and as individuals. Creates and finds innovative solutions to problems and developing ideas into better technologies. Been living on several continents and speaks 6 languages. 

Multi-cultural, understands different business cultures and political systems. Key Speaker on conferences and Lecturer at several Swedish universities. Mathematics, Science and Technology teacher at lower and upper secondary schools. Has raised over $25M in venture capital to projects, enterprises, cities and universities. Has helped many SMEs growing, expanding or getting funded through venture partnering. Valdi has a global network in several areas such as AI programming, metaverse, research, education, medicine, internet companies, media and venture capital and others.

A very Social Liberal view in Politics based on science and facts. Valdi cares about and is very concerned about climate change and therefore personally working on and developing 100% Unlimited, Sustainable Solar Energy solutions for the world. He is convinced that great Communication is crusial for people all over the world to understand and collaborate better together. He is a Globalist, Pacifist and a Human Rights activist, among other things.  

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    President - Socialliberalerna
Meet The Leader Of The Future - Valdi Ivancic