Key Issue



Not everyone is aware of that research is important, or even vital. The communication between the scientific world and the general public is not quite as good as it should be. The Swedish state has for a long time been less successful in providing society with the latest research in a way that can be easily understood by an ordinary citizen who doesn't engage in science.

Ongoing research is important and needed but not too obvious to everyone. Many people are not aware or that for an example child mortality has decreased due to scientific research or that many epidemics have almost been eradicated with the help of vaccines developed by researchers. It was very clear recently during the Covid19 pandemic. 

Often people relate to research as having to do with the development of spacecrafts, travels to other planets and studies of dark matter - things that they don't believe they will directly benefit from. But even in these cases there are many products and a lot of knowledge that have come handy to use in everyday life. Things such as more efficient solar cells and batteries, better fabrics for clothes etc comes from space research.

In recent years, funding for research has decreased. Sweden's colleges and universities receive smaller grants and in some cases even have to shut down projects. The government and politicians say that the number of students is declining and that those who apply for higher education are foreign students. That's their justifying reason for giving less money to the universities and research.

The more students we have at the colleges and universities, the more people have access to research. And the more people get in touch with science, the better citizens we get. It is a big problem in Sweden that many political parties don't look at the long run and a bright future with scientific results and innovations developed by researchers. The reasons for that is fear of having enlightened citizens who will not trust the politicians who base their policies on other grounds than science and facts. To reduce the number of places and resources to the academic world in that situation is to counteract a better future. That is why the Socialiberalerna is a party of the future and that is also why we are different than the other political parties.

The Socialliberalerna wants to drastically increase funding for research that takes place on colleges and universities, but also the kind of research taking place at companies that primarily research on green and clean energy sources and chemicals that don't affect the environment when extracted etc.

Therefore the Socialliberalerna proposes much higher financial resources, as well as human resources, for research and, above all, publishing the successful results in a way that the citizens can understand the science and why it's good for us. Sweden as a country can not compete with cheap labor, but we can definitely compete with our know-how, with inventions and with new discoveries. Sweden has a long history and culture in research and innovating. This is where we can become number on and a leader internationally! That is why the Socialliberalerna wants to invest much more in research and development!

Watch this video and get inspired by a scientist, Shawn Douglas, on how science and research can help finding new solutions to global problems.