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Can we buy happiness with money and with new things? What price does it have? What happens next? Yes, these are questions worth asking ourselves. In the video clip above (recorded by an American institute but based on research and therefore also applies to other countries) we can get some of the answers.

For the Socialliberalerna, the environment is not just a small paragraph in a policy program. We are the only green social liberal alternative. We can proudly say that because we take global and local environmental problems very seriously! Even as a party we completely avoid using printed paper documents. We see all parts as important contributions to improving the environment.

We are all aware of that we are being hard on our planet using more resources that we should. We are also aware of that the western world takes the most resources and a t the same time pollutes the most. Yet it is the poorest people and countries who are hit the hardest by our actions and will be so even worse if we continue this way without finding solutions.

Sweden must act now and take the environmental threats very seriously! Not over the next 50 years. Not over the next 20 years and not over the next 5 years, but already this year! We can not wait until the election where most parties will come up with nice words on what has to be done. Words and promises they won't be able to keep because they have already painted themselves into a corner with various agreements and laws. We must start collaborating and working on parallell issues today and not postpone our problems for future generations.

The Socialliberalerna doesn't believe in linking environmental solutions with higher taxes or more expensive prices. You can think, live and eat green and environmentally conscious anyways. We do not want any higher taxes on meat that are full of much needed poteins for kids and that affect those who do not have voting rights in the elections. For many children in Sweden, lunch at school is the only cooked meal of the day. If we seriously want our children to be healthy and prevent future diseases and problems, then we need to think twice before we cut down the protein sources. Still, that doesn't mean we can't think and be environmental friendly.

- Locally produced is a concept that many associate with extra costs or expensive products. It shouldn't have to be that way! It should actually cost less precisely because it has not been transported long distances all over the world. The video clip in our Economics section mentions how locally produced small businesses can emerge in our societies when people have more time for themselves and their interests.

- One may ask how come the really old people stick together in a marrige, while younger generations find it so easy to divorce? Well, maybe because the elderly belong to a generation when you had to repair and reuse what got broken instead of just getting new things. Perhaps it's the same mindset when it comes to relationships?

In the same way, we need an environmental friendly thinking in a completely different way where we leave a wear-and-tear society behind us. The Socialliberalerna stands for a kind ideology where things should be repaired and reused when possible. Not throwing away things should be rewarded like a recycling pay and those who buy repaired or recycled products should be able to buy it much  cheaper.

Our society is very much based on buying new things even before they get worn och break, such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, cars etc. The Socialliberalerna believes that entrepreneurs and innovators who can reuse these products should be encouraged. That is why research is important to us as part of creating more jobs.

The Socialliberalerna strongly believes that Sweden should also take a much larger and clearer initiative in the global environmental debate and actually take the lead in preventing enormous environmental damage around the world. One of many initiatives is to provide substantial tax breaks for individuals and companies that are more environmentally friendly. We want to encourage instead of taxing people and companies. For an example, why not being able to deduct the taxes in the tax return?

But what makes the Socialliberalerna the truly green alternative is that we want to invest many billions on research and science to improve and provide green energy to everyone. Today we are collaborating with a company that has invented how to harvest 100% unlimited solar energy from space and wirelessly transport Electricity down to Earth. All the other political parties, both in Sweden and other countries, are discussing nuclear power versus wind power or oil versus solarpanels on earth, but the Socialliberalerna believes that Sweden can demostrate the future of energy as a pioneer country by investing in innovative and visionary technology that will save the world and human life on earth.

Sweden is a small country with few inhabitants. We will not be able to compete with other countries and low wages in manufacturing or raw material extraction. But we have traditionally always been good at developing new inventions, new design, sports and culture just to name a few tings. We can stand out internationally if we create new jobs and we can employ many more by creating a new, green future! It will not only be good for the environment when we share our knowledge, but also for the Swedish economy.

In other words, we see how everything is connected! If we dare to invest in good education where our children learn to think like real researchers and inventors, if we invest in research in the environment, it will lead to new, successful and world-leading companies that will demand special skills and create more jobs in a green economy! It's as simple as it sounds, even if our politicians want it to sound as something very complicated. Maybe they make it sound expensive and hard because they are afraid of loosing the political power?

What Sweden needs is to choose a green, social liberal path, now!