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Health Care

Health Care

According to the Social Liberals, healthcare must work! Those who become ill should simply be able to receive the best possible healthcare, regardless of where they live, which category they belong to - children, pensioners, professionals, jobseekers, etc. - or what type of healthcare the patient chooses.

The Social Liberals believe that the debate that is taking place today about healthcare focuses too much on the possibility of profiting big money or saving too much money on health care. The debate should instead be about healthcare working and only then, when it works satisfactorily, we are willing to take a closer look at any monetary profits. It should be natural that any gains, whether in private or public care, go back to the business and benefit patients so that the, most often, unpleasant period when you are ill should be as pleasant as possible.

The Social Liberals believe that people's well-being should not be compromised. We also think that the quality of life that the citizens get in our country, regardless of whether you are healthy or sick, should give a feeling that Sweden is a rich country. Today, unfortunately, the debate is raging from the point of view that we are a poor country.

So let's start at the right end! Let us create a richer Sweden by offering every Swede a knowledge and consciuos that we care, show compassion through good care and a good treatment. No one chooses of free will to become ill and illness affects everyone, regardless of age, gender and wealth. Therefore, we must turn the debate around and see the soft values instead of counting on how much one can earn on each patient. IT's social liberal!

Furthermore, the Social Liberals believe that we must have many more doctors, nurses, dentists and other healthcare staff, not fewer! Ideally, care, and preventive care, should be able to take place as early as possible and preferably at the patient's home for milder problems. When the disease is a fact, we in the Social Liberals have a concrete proposal for action that can both reduce risks, costs and, above all, speed up recovery. According to research done in the field, communication between patients and healthcare professionals is a strong contributing factor to mistreatment or slow recovery. We know from studies done in the field that this is a fact. The Social Liberals, unlike other parties, are open to such studies and solutions that also do not cost much. Here is the difference between us and others.

The Social Liberals want to reintroduce the world's best healthcare; an undeserved reputation that Sweden still has when it comes outside our borders. We can achieve much of this by introducing a greater and better awareness among our employers and citizens so that we prevent many diseases, but also by offering free doctor and dentist visits. We also must work with preventive wellness! It will cost much less and the big win is healthy and happy citizens!

We must also take care of our children in such a way that they are not exposed to diseases or crimes that lead to hospitalization or poor health. There must be a completely different culture around how we look at the sick and, for the time being or for a longer period, cannot be active in the workplace or function in a normal way in their home.

Sweden is a country that could be a world leader in several medical fields. Much more funding must be allocated to research in the field of medicine, and we want to support all kinds of investment so that we can become a pioneering country for the rest of the world. We see the need and importance of that especially now in the post Covid era.