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Youth Policy

Youth Policy

The world is constantly changing and what was true yesterday is not always relevant today. One of these things changing is the mindset of more than a million young people we have in our country. However, it is quite a shame that many adults and leading politicians are not seeing what is happening. If only we became much better in communicating many problems would easily get resolved. But, this is on the other hand how it has been for decades and even centuries between younger and older generations.

One thing that many young people see as quite obvious, but the parent generation doesn't really seem to understand, is that fact that young people don't have the same life goals as previous generations when it comes to status, jobs and education. This doesn't mean that they do not have needs. Young people often dream about being able to have a job that they love and rather see as a hobby they can get paid for. Even some older people would obviously prefer such a dream job but it's often people who have woken up from being ill or burnt out from their regular job. These days it's rare to find a job where you stay the rest of your working life. Previous generations could get a job and stay at the same company or position until they get retired. That's not the case nowadays.

Many young people today dream of being able to work with fashion, media or design, with vlogging and posting on social medias while travelling or as programmers and photographers. There are young people who do everything to get paid as a professional football player, hockey player, an influencer or as a singer and musician. Some may want to work in a café as a barista for a while, others with events and marketing or perhaps with interior design. Some want to become personal trainers or work with health care. These examples are proof there have been new jobs created over the past 10-15 years that no one ever thought of before. That's the kind of dreams many have.

What do these professions and young people have in common, apart from the fact that it is something that older generations do not see as secure future professions?

This generation doesn't want to get stuck anywhere. They don't want to have the same one-sided and monotonous job. They have seen what it can do to their parents causing injuries, depression and boreness. There is a clear trend showing that there is a whole new interest in entrepreneurship among young people. More people are looking into being their own boss and that's why we see many more start-ups and fewer big companies. The technology makes it more accessible to have your office in your pocket on a mobile device. Technology also replaces more and more people at copmanies that used to have big number of employees.

A lot of young people today can work from home or while travelling with a phone or a laptop. There are no flashy offices required, especially not in post covid times. You can see them sitting on a sunny outdoor café in any medium-sized Swedish city with a latte or frappuccino. These are selfemployed and millionairs at the age of 20. Designers and programmers have already started their first companies at the age of 16. They have all earned more than their parents when they were the same age. It indicates a driving force, a passion and a commitment that has been built up and should be taken seriously.

What we would like to see is that we have a completely new form of self-employment corporation form (easier than a sole proprietorship) that does not kill the interest and passion for those who are interested in entrepreneurship and hates a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy. It should be simple and be make it easy start up and run and that suits young people. There should also be an easier way to be able to get paid for a job that is performed as a sub contractor without a lot of money disappearing deep into government pockets but could rather be used to expand the businesses to make the economic wheels spin faster. It should also be easier to get paid in crypto currencies.

There are of course still young people who want to become engineers, doctors, construction workers, bakers and hairdressers, truck drivers and so on. This new form of company should be able to help them as well. For an example this way you don't have to work for a single large or medium-sized company or organization, but can rather work more on a freelance-like basis and with a better and more secure system to get paid for your services and products.

Young people also see the need of education in a completely different way than previous generations. The school itself is not the only place where you learn things. Teachers are not always the ones who know best and grades are not always what determines one's future or further studies. Therefore, we must change the education system and build a new one that suits young people better. Not one that is based on 200 years old demands from the industrial era.

We write this because it is important that we all begin to see the possibilitis with young people's flexibility of not having to work 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week at one and the same company. We need to give them the opportunity to try their wings and ideas which, in many cases can become large and successful concepts for the whole country. We should be able to see it as a completely new business concept where the individual is given the opportunity to develop both him/herself and the country!

This is Sweden's future! This is what gives us a richer country with a quality of life and with happier citizens. We cannot force young people to work on our terms, but rather be open to the world constantly changing.