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Socialliberalerna is the only Social Liberal Party in Sweden basing its policies on the Social Liberal ideology, on science and facts. To us Human Rights are essential and we care about the Planet we live on. Therefore we are very concerned with the ongoing Climate Change. We want an including community, where every individual person counts. Freedom and democracy are values we won't negotiate. 

Equality has to be for everyon ...


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The Social Liberals are Sweden's only social liberal party.


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The party and its members protect human rights, the environment and democratic values! Equality, gender equality and humanity are key words with us.

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Our Thoughts for Sweden.

The threat from bloc politics

The Swedish bloc policy, which is increasingly resembling a two-party system, threatens our democracy and welfare.


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New Website!

Welcome to our new, international website! We are still working on improvements but we hope you will enjoy reading about Socialliberalern...

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