Key Issue



No one is ever talking about energy poverty, or the fact that people all over the world need access to energy and electricity. Not only is it important to people and for surviving, but also to the climate and the survival of human mankind. 

But we know that inequality is rising and countries are fighting over sources such as oil, gas, nuclear power and coal. There are too many politicians and political parties talking about climate change and green energy, but no one has a solution to solve the problem. Socialliberalerna actually do have a real solution to the world problem. 

As a party we have been looking at all alternaives and have come to conclusion that we must have 100% green energy. The only way we can have that is by using sun power. We are working with innovative people who have come up with solutions to charge all our technical devices, cars, ariplanes, trains and for powering industries simply by transfering solar power from space. Socialliberalerna is the only political party in Sweden, as well as in the world, who's not just talking about the existing problem, we actually have a solution and know how to save the world from disaster!

We are often talking about putting Sweden on the map as a world leading country. This is the way to do it! Never before has a single country been this important to the whole world. We are ready to take the part as leaders and there can't be any doubts whatsoever to anyone who actually cares about the climate and the humankind to vote for the only social liberal party in Sweden these upcoming elections. 

Using this technology no companies can rule the world, increase the prices on oil or gas and electricity. There will not be any more pollution and we can all have equal access to electricity and people will not have to starve but can develop their societies and contries. There will not be no more wars over energy sources and there will not be any restrictions for travelling or heating the houses winter time and running the air condition during hot summer days. There will simply be 100% green energy for everyone.

Sweden as a country will have a lifelong income through this energy source and will never, ever have the need of compromising with dirty industries, lack of money to the education system and health care. Let us know if there is any political party at all who can promise these things or who are even close to present a sustainable energy form that won't cost or cause future generations any damage.

Working with scientific solutions, visionary innovations and using this for the benefit of everyone is the vision of Socialliberalerna as a political party. It should be every party's vision, but they simply don't care and never will care. You have the power in your hands to change the whole world! Who will you vote for on September 11, 2022?