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Labor Policy

Labor Policy

In the long run the political party Socialliberalerna believe there will be a universal basic income (UBI) for human beings. Most jobs will be computerized and robotized with artifical intelligencr (AI). But until that day we believe people should be able to chose what jobs they want to have. 

Some people prefer being active while others like a more calm job. Some will work traveling and others from home. The common ground for all is that the Socialliberalerna have solutions on how that can work already today. We could easily get to virtually zero percent unemployment and we can all have a steady income without stress and bad working environments.

We strongly believe people will want to work with something they are passionate about or feel is joyful. No one should have to work more than 30 hours per week for a couple of reasons. Scientists have shown that people tend to stress less if they work around 30 hours. The less stressful people, the better health among the citizens. 

There's also another benefit. More people can get a job since positions are opening up with more people chosing to work 30 hours a week. There's a win-win situation and there are many more given the opportunity to be creative, innovative or even fulfilling their dreams.

Anyone who does what they like doing won't feel it's work. And anyone who does what they want to do won't feel a pressure from a boss telling them to work harder or more hours. Of course many entreprenerial people will want to work more than 30 hours a week, and they should be able to do so, but no one will ask them or be pushing them to work more. Everyone will be fully paid and can instead invest time with family, children, friends and excercising. 

People should be able to chose what days to work. Some will prefer three day weekends, others prefere working every other day and others may want to work 5 or 6 hours a day several days in a row. Nevertheless, there are many advantages and it will be the future of a more calm people without stressful minds and bodies.

The Socialliberals is the future party of Sweden! We have the visions, the solutions and the best for every individual to make their own choises.