Key Issue



Our senior citizens are valuable even if most political parties see them as a burdon. The Socialliberals has always been a political party of social values and therefire we also value our seniors. 

The Swedish parties on the left and on the right are giving just a few hundreds extra to the seniors. That raise disappears already by the high prices on food and gasoline. The Socialliberals wants to raise the minimum pension to 14 000 kr/month after taxes. With the ongoing inflation, with rising costs and the right of every human being for having a meaningful life, there is no other Swedish party offering enough for living the life, but only surviving.

Many seniors also feel they can still contribute with their knowledge and experience to the society. Therefore it should be arranged for these people to keep on working extra years until retirement, while others who have had jobs with heavy lifting or in other ways hard, might want to retire like today at the age of 65. There are several reasons for people are staying healthy longer time of their lives. First of all we have better medical science and better health care. Second, many companies have robotized monotoneand heavy jobs, and third evolution makes us live much longer. 

There should be options on when to retire depending on each individual's desire. Some people can and want to work several years after the age of 65 and some feel their bodies are worn and won't last another year.

The older seniors should be able to have their own room or apartment, or the possibility to share with a person of choise, just like the former Folkpartiledaren Bengt Westerberg, said back in 1986. We have the economy to do so and none should be left outside the social wellfare system.